• Are templates specific to public or private companies?
  • Are the designed templates prefabricated and used the same?
  • Who designs the portal template?
  • How long does it take to design a corporate portal template?
  • Is the brand or logo designed for customers?

Theme design

With the responsive design, there's no need for any dedicated gadget on the market to design a dedicated site. In Responsive Web Design, the responsive design of the website is designed to float the structure of the layers of the site, which adjusts the width of the page, the size of the text, etc. in a variety of ways, which is done completely automatically.

The responsive site is used to react to changes in devices such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs, and resizable resolutions. A leading and successful company should provide its business information in the best way and respond appropriately to changing the device's users.

Observing the principles of responsive design on the web is one of the most important indicators that are important both in user experience and SEO.

  • Implement Sketch

    The design of the template requires an original design called Sketch. This design can also be implemented by the designer from the beginning, and can be done with the customer's opinion.
  • Wirefire and prototype design

    After designing the design, it turns to the full design and graphics of the template. The difference with Sketch is that the layout is full of graphic and color elements.
  • Receive customer confirmation

    A graphic design, such as the design of a site, is provided to the client after design and approval of that client. If requested, re-changes will be made.
  • Convert and install the template

    A graphic design, such as the design of a site, is provided to the client after design and approval of that client. If requested, re-changes will be made.

Template Design Portfolio

In the context of communicating and attracting audiences, the user's awareness of the quality of information and services and technical features of the portal is influenced by the graphic design and visual appeal of the portal. This effect has an immediate and lasting impact and shapes the general and general feeling of the user towards the portal.

In fact, the audience places a personality on the portal, and this character is shaped by the type of graphic design in the mind and the sense of audience: the official and administrative character, the emotional and artistic personality, the entertaining and young personality, and so on. Hence, the sensitivity and importance of the layout and color and the proper layout of graphic elements in attracting a contact have transformed the portfolio of portal design into a specialized field. For more information, we recommend that you take a look at some of the examples at the link below.


Portal graphic services

Dourtal customers can benefit from standard graphic design or dedicated graphic design. The standard graphic design services of the company are implemented using a common graphical template and pre-configured graphic elements along with standard dedicated components. But in a dedicated graphic design, it performs a unique design with minimal resemblance to other examples executed and in accordance with the specific ideas of the work orderer.

  • Implementing custom templates in accordance with the client's design
  • Implement the layout and convert it into a template when the customer has not submitted a plan
  • Icons and icons design for displaying services, work samples ... (not including logo design).
  • Design of public and private templates for municipalities and private and public organizations
  • Design of corporate site templates, portfolio, personal ...
  • Observe the UX user experience in the design of the template
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