User experience

UX briefly describes the behaviors, attitudes and feelings of a user about the use of a specific product, system, or service. The user experience covers the applied, experienced, emotional, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership. Additionally, a person's perception of a variety of aspects of a system, such as usefulness, ease of use, and efficiency, is also within the scope of user experience. In other words, user experience is the memory of a user using the product, system, or service.

Given that the corporate portal is a coherent and modular setup, the category of user experience here is very important. There may be a nice user interface module but users can not use it well. Different modules, regardless of the beautiful graphical interface, should also have the proper functionality.

In general, the user experience category has three general stages of research, design, and testing. User research or user research is usually done before design. The research usually includes such things as interviews, card sorting, quantitative and qualitative research, testing, online questioning, and in-person surveys, among others, which are considered in the user's research. The information collected at this stage will help us in the next steps.

Design is one of the key steps in the user experience (some mistakenly assume that the user experience is merely a design. This is a misconception). In the design of the user experience after the research, the design is first designed or Sketch and then converted to Wireframe and Prototype. After these steps, the project is transformed by the UI expert into the Web or the mobile app. Of course, a project may have a mobile app and a website or portal.

The next stage of user experience that follows the research and design are user experience tests or the same UX Tests. There are many tests that we can use to make big and decisive decisions for our products and services. A / B test, First Click Test, Eye Tracking Test, Guerrilla Usability Testing and several other methods. There are many web and online tools that will make it easier to use with this test process. For example Google Optimize

Donald Norman: The user experience includes all aspects of the user interactivity with the company, its products and services.
Jesse James Garrett: The user experience is in a way that is behaved in a real world with a product.

  • User Research

  • Information Architecture

  • User psychology

  • Usability

  • UX Strategy

  • UX Test

  • UX Design

  • Counseling and Education

UX Enterprise and Consultancy Services

The user experience has a very wide scope and has become very important in public and private organizations and institutions. Consider an organization or ministry that plans to reduce its water and electricity consumption in digital space. This organization will need to improve its user experience, regardless of the organization of the portal and content creation.

Dourtal as a creative suite, regardless of design, consulting, and organization in the field of user experience.

  • User Research

    Organizational solutions, interviews, card sorting and ...

  • Information Architecture

    Idea, implementation, training and advice

  • User Psychology

    Provide organizational solutions, ideas and advice

  • Usability

    Ideas for improvement, project implementation and advice

  • UX Strategy

    Developing a strategy and road map for user experience

  • Organizational solutions

    Provide specific organizational counseling and training
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